LINGOs Learning Platform Upgrade Fast Facts!

The LINGOs Learning Platform (LLP) is being updated and refreshed on March 27, 2017! Here are the facts you need to know!

  • Platform will up upgraded from 3:00AM ET to 3:00PM ET and all learners and administrators should stay off the system at that time. Any activitity that takes place on the system during the upgrade will NOT be recorded.
  • Phase one of the upgrade will include look and feel improvements to the user interface for both administrators and learners on the NetDimensions back end.Phase 2 (early April) will introcude a new front end theme. 
  • You sould notify your learners to stay off the system on March 27 from 3:00 AM to 3:00 PM.
  • Don't panic! The changes to the platform are mostly cosmetic, though administrators will notice improvements to features they already use.
  • Join Office Hours on Wednesday, March 15 and March 22 for more information, and recordings of these sessions will be posted here and on the LinkedIn Member Group.
  • Questions? Email support@lingos.org