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Office Hours is the free 'open hour' webinar hosted by LINGOs almost every week. LINGOs staff will answer your questions about all benefits, including the Learning Platform, both technical and around best practices. LINGOs members often come to Office Hours to share new ideas and tips and tricks they've discovered in the platform and other LINGOs benefits. We also demo the newest features and share the latest news each week.

This weekly webinar, the LINGOs Member Support page, and the team at support@lingos.org are all part of the ongoing support included in your LINGOs membership and each plays an important role in our training and support strategy.

Office Hours is a great chance to meet LINGOs staff and other LINGOs members.We hope to see you there soon.

Office Hours Schedule

Office Hours is held every Wednesday at 11:00 AM EDT

To join Office Hours:

  1. Click this link to join the session: https://us.bbcollab.com/guest/8F94558C5B4F1F18393E82C78344A59E
  2. Click "Join By Browser, then input your name and organization so we know who you are.
  3. Setup your Audio and Video by visiting the Collaborate Panel.
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