Quick Lessons

An online authoring and content management solution for creating and managing Flash-based, interactive and high-quality e-learning content.

The best source of information concerning Quicklessons is the company website http://www.quicklessons.com/en/index.asp . You will also find demo courses created using Quicklessons on the website.


While the features of the platform provides users many benefits, some of the advantages that are especially suited for the work of the LINGOs member agencies include the following:

  • The 100% online and hosted platform allows users to develop content at anytime, anywhere.
  • The intuitive interface allows the creation of online courses in just a few hours.
  • QuickLessons offers a large library of templates for exercises, quizzes and general educational content.
  • The on-line platform allows management of media and educational content by a virtual team that is not co-located.
  • The capacity for users to work collaboratively, increasing productivity and lowering production time and budgets up to 60%.
  • The final output of QuickLessons is a fully Flash-based e-learning course that can be exported into offline, online and LMS compliant formats.

Requesting Easygenerator

To request user accounts please complete the Request Form and return to support@lingos.org