What's New?

Mass Email Sender for LLP!

Level 2 & 3 members now have the option to create mail templates and send them to learners.  You can send email to everyone in the system, from right within the system! This has been a popular request and we're pleased to release this feature. You can learn more about this feature by visiting the LLP Communication Management site.

Repository in Learning Platform

Level 2 & 3 members now have access to a repository on their platforms to store files and images. Why is this exciting? Because now you can customize your catalog icons with your logo or any image you choose!

Click here to learn more.

Curatr and MentorNet Available for Demo

We recently conducted a webinar and took our members on a tour of our new mentoring system and social learning platform. We enjoyed showing you all that is possible in raising your learning environment to the next level.

If you missed the demo or would like a recap, we recorded it!

Click her to view the recording.

If you would like to test these systems, and are a LINGOs member, please contact support@lingos.org and we can set you up with a test account for one or both systems.

Office Hours: New Time, New Blackboard Collaborate Ultra!

LINGOs Office Hours is now hosted on the new Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Experience, the latest release from Blackboard. We'll miss the old Blackboard Collaborate, but we're excited to move to the new version. There are no downloads and the platform runs right in your browser. Join us in Office Hours any Wednesday at 11:00 AM EDT. You can learn more about Office Hours and Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Experience right here on the support site.

NEW Cegos Micros Courses

Cegos selected their most popular courses and turned these in into a micro-learning format.

These short courses provide: Interactivity that boosts learning on the move • Practical and relevant learning content for a global workforce • A seamless solution that supports multiple platforms • A consistent and easy to use multi-lingual learning solution.

Level 2 and Level 3 members can request the courses for their LMS by following the process for requesting courses. Level 1 Members will have the courses added automatically and will be notified when they are available.

Click here to access the course and learning path request.csv

DECEMBER ONLY! Send an email to support that says "Add all the Cegos Micro courses to my platform!" and we'll add them without a CSV file. They will be placed in a new catalog called \MicroLearning.

NEW Financial Management Last Mile Learning courses in French!

We now have the Last Mile Learning Financial Management Courses available in French. A learning path is available.

Click here to access the course and learning path request.csv

DECEMBER ONLY! Send an email to support that says "Add the Financial Management Courses in French to support@lingos.org!" and we'll add them without a CSV file! Hurry, offer ends soon!